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Imagine Your Way To Success

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Imagine Your Way To Success

Rob Parnell

There's little doubt that writing gets easier the more you do it. The more practice you endure, the greater your confidence level too.

Writing an entire book is far less intimidating after you've already written one, two or ten.

Plus, as your confidence increases, your writing improves.

Much of my writing instruction is rooted in giving new and old writers the mental tools to write with fluidity, regardless of their ability. In a word, confidence.

My feeling is that far too many writers (even some potentially very good writers) worry so much about their ability that they end up stopping before they know what they're capable of.

I get far more emails about 'not writing' than I ever do about the issues writers face when they do.

But if confidence comes from writing and you're blocked - where is the confidence going to come from?

Your imagination.

That's why you were given one.

Your imagination is designed to create internal realities that do not necessarily reflect actual reality.

Without imaginative thought, it's unlikely we would have made it out of the primordial swamp. It is our ability to imagine possible futures for ourselves that has given us supremacy over the animal kingdom.

Our brains are split into two halves - one half for logical evaluation, one for creativity.

This is deliberate and crucial to our evolution as a creative species.

We have the power to visualize things and events - and futures - that are not necessarily real. But, what you need to understand is that a visualized reality IS just as real as what you feel touch and experience - at least to the subconscious mind.

When you imagine that you are an experienced and successful author, you can fool your subconscious into believing that is its reality.

Especially if you combine emotion with your thoughts.

The subconscious reacts to emotion far more than it does to reason. So if you can fool your subconscious into believing you are already a confident and successful writer, then you can become instantly unblocked, simply by tapping into the energy you create by bypassing your logical mind.  

Think about it. If you've already written five or six novels, you're not going to be overly intimidated by writing another one - even if you think your writing might not be great that day or week or year.

Stephen King has said you have to keep writing - even if you think you're writing crap. Because you have to fight against your logical mind all the time.

So it's clear that if you imagine that you're already an experienced and accomplished writer, then the writing process gets easier.

There's another reason for using your imagination to help you.

It's a bit more 'out there' but totally inline with what used to be dubbed the 'Law of Attraction'. (Whatever happened to that?)

Essentially the theory is that if you associate good strong positive emotions with your desired outcomes, your energy level vibrates at a higher frequency - and that this hgher frequency 'attracts' the desired future from out of the universal ether.

The problem with the Law of Attraction theory is that it's hard to prove that it works. It appears it does for those who believe in it - and doesn't for those that don't - because believing it works is apparently fundamental to making it work!

If the LOA is too woohoo for you, think about this:

We do create our realities. We generally get what we focus on and our lives tend to live up to our expectations.

Successful people simply have higher expectations about what is possible - and what they're capable of.

So if you're struggling with your creativity, enthusiasm and energy level, it makes perfect sense that you wouldn't if you could short-circuit your low expectations and imagine yourself as capable of whatever you want to achieve.

And so it is with writing.

You need to circumvent the part of your brain that says I'm no good, this is awful and I'm never going to finish this.

You need to write with confidence. Imagine you're a good writer. Ignore your inner critic and let your subconscious creativity guide you.

Because that's the easy way to write.

Keep Writing!
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