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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fame - A Writer's Guide

New Year's Day - funny how everyone wants to make plans for a better life during this one part of the calendar.

There are writers making promises to themselves - and us - on Facebook as we speak. 

I'm in contact with several new writerly and sales focused people who are all launching themselves, and their new ventures, today or some time this week. 

I bet even you too are making resolutions to create a more effective version of yourself in 2016.

Why do we do this? 

Why is the turning of the clock from one year to the next so important to us?

It's about personal accountability - and the changing of the final digit from 5 to 6 means we're compelled to assess our progress. 

Did we achieve what we set out to last year? 

Probably not! 

We get so wrapped up in life that we don't seem to be able to move forward. 

Our dreams are often on hold while we deal with the ordinary stuff of living.

This is why I created my latest course - "Achieve Your Dream in 2016" - to help us get out of the rut and focus on what really matters to us - especially at this time of year!  

You still have time to take the course - and change your life in the process - at 90% off the retail value. But only if you click on this link, RIGHT NOW, before this special offer is over.

Keep Writing!

PS: No video lesson this week because, well, it's the holiday season and we still have the painters in. They've promised to give us back the house - and my home recording studio - next week! It's been almost two months since we started renovating the house. It's hard to live like you're camping out in your own premises!

At least it's given us time to evaluate what's important to us. (Hence the new course, HERE.)

But also, I've realized I want to get my music out there. I've been spending time putting together a new website for my upcoming album release. More news on that as the year progresses...

Anyway - thanks for letting me ramble on. Here's this week's article.

The Pursuit of Fame - A Writer's Guide

Famous people tell us fame is not so hot. You get mobbed, hassled, your privacy is shot, you’re always having to look your best and perform. 

Okay, it’s not quite so bad for a writer. You can hide, to a certain extent. You don’t have to put your picture on the jacket. You don’t have to go on TV. But…

Increasingly, in our modern age, it’s difficult to become successful if you don’t actively promote yourself, whether by signing books at the mall or doing local radio spots. 

And everybody accepts that fame – though not great in itself – is supremely useful as a tool for creating success.

But it’s getting so that you can’t even compete unless you’re willing to promote yourself along with your writing.

This is not such a bad thing.

It’s obviously hard to make a shift from solitary wordsmith to debonair chat show guest. But you’ve probably noticed that the writers that do force themselves into the limelight do sell a whole load more books!

But it’s not the pursuit of fame that really matters. As I’ve mentioned many times before, it’s goal setting that is the key.

The next time you sit down to write a book and short story, go the extra nine yards.

Write down your goals for your work. Do you want it published in the local rag? If you do, and you study what that market requires, chances are you’ll get there. 

By why stop there?

Why not imagine your story or book on TV or as a movie? Or maybe as a franchise, a series, or even a set of kid’s toys. Look at your work from this perspective and sometimes you can see EXACTLY what’s wrong with it. After all, if you can make your story work in a big way, it will probably make far more of an impression on agents and publishers in the short term, let alone a couple of years down the track.

Don’t be afraid to think big.

Let your imagination soar in your writing, yes. But also try seeing yourself as one of those famous writers you see on TV. Why not? They’re not so different from you. It’s a myth that famous writers are cleverer, wittier and possess some secret you do not.

Have the courage to be the best you can be. Not just as a writer but as a person, and perhaps as a 'personality' too!

Best regards

Rob Parnell
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