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Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Sherlock Holmes Story - Released Today!

Dear Fellow Writer,

Today sees the release of a brand new episode in our hugely successful Sherlock Holmes series!

This popular new series continues with another exciting adventure for Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and Nurse Colleen Heneghan. 

In this thrilled-packed episode, Watson is called upon to investigate the disappearance of a young aristocrat while Holmes trails the nefarious deeds of Moriarty in his bid to overthrow the British Monarchy using a virus procured from Haitian Zombies. 

Watson discovers a sinister plot to infiltrate the English nobility and comes in direct contact with Moriarty's chief henchman, George Chapman, a man-monster with no qualms about killing Watson's true love, Colleen. 

Follow the adventure from 221b Baker Street, through the backstreets of Soho, the glamour of the Cafe Des Artistes nightclub, to the sewers beneath London town, to discover Moriarty's most heinous plot yet!

From the Foreword:

Welcome to this, the third part of the Sherlock Holmes: Zombie Slayer series. 

We, the authors, believe you’re in for a treat.

In case you’re concerned, this is a stand-alone tale, though it does appear chronologically in Dr. John Watson’s last great unpublished manuscript. It doesn’t matter if you have not read the first two episodes in this series but we hope that this volume may inspire you to ‘catch up’, as the saying goes.

George and I were very happy to edit and present this tale as it does much to put us all inside the mind of the incomparable Watson. We found, in this section, a real man tormented by the secret he must keep from the British public: that Moriarty was, in many ways, succeeding in his plan to bring down the British Monarchy with his Haitian Zombie virus. This episode shows how far Moriarty and his inhuman helpers will go to further their despicable aims. Also how indisputably resourceful and effective the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, can be when called to fight for order and justice.

Again, this episode has been a joyful collaboration between George Hogge and I. Little did either of us expect that these stories would become so popular with the public, and for that, dear reader, we thank you.

You may be interested to know that recently we have been in touch with the Sherlock Holmes estate. We are pleased to report their initial reluctance to speak with us has diminished. Given the success of the series, the curator of the estate has suggested that there might be room for Watson’s last manuscript in the official Sherlock Holmes archive. We realize this is a great honor, and no small validation of our work.

On that positive note, we hope you thoroughly enjoy what follows.

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Thank you again.

Yours respectfully,

Rob Parnell & George Hogge









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