Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mastering Amazon & Kindle - Available Right Now!

Dear Fellow Writer,

Today sees the release of a brand new e-book designed to fast-track your writing career!

Mastering Amazon and Kindle

by Rob Parnell
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Master Amazon & Kindle

Do you want to successfully write and release your own books onto Amazon and Kindle?

Would you like your books to become bestsellers - and to supply you with a decent income via monthly royalty checks from Amazon?

Would you like to make a good living from writing novels, nonfiction books, and short stories on the world's biggest and best book platform?

If so, then Rob Parnell's "Fast & Furious 3: Mastering Amazon and Kindle" was created just for you! 

Rob Parnell, "the world's foremost writing guru", as described by The Midnight Bookworm, has released a staggering twenty-eight books onto Amazon and Kindle in the the last two years alone. All of them have hit the top ten and twenty-four of them, the vast majority, have reached the number one spot in various charts. At any one time, Rob has over a dozen books in the Education, Fiction, Self-Help, and Writing Tools charts, permanently. 

In "Mastering Amazon and Kindle", Rob explains how you, too, can achieve results like these. 

As Rob says: "Author success is not a fluke in today's digital world. It is merely a logical process of making the right decisions based on research, setting achievable goals, taking positive action, and enabling the writer's life to manifest the results you desire. I don't believe you have to be a literary genius to sell books - in fact, that might hold you back! Seriously, the truth is, I believe anyone, including you, can achieve Amazon author success if you know what you're doing and you follow the easy, step-by-step advice contained within my Fast & Furious series." 

In this ground-breaking work, you will discover the tips and tactics of a professional full-time author. 

Related to you with his trademark wit, insight, and total honesty, Rob explains: 

* How to design and create a bestseller. 

* How to organize your day for maximum output. 

* How to visualize and manifest any future you want. 

* How to easily and quickly move from wannabe writer to professional author. 

* How to use self-discipline that won't feel like work. 

* How to effortlessly write, format, and release your own Amazon bestseller. 

* How to become the writer you've always dreamed of being. 

* How to create simple, easy-to-use templates for any writing project. 

* How to achieve author success quickly, without stress or worry. 

* And much more... 

Rob Parnell has been teaching the art and craft of commercial fiction-writing for over fifteen years. He is a renowned radio and on-line personality, frequent guest speaker, and seminar host, invited to locations all over the globe. His former students include numerous name authors from the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

If you genuinely want to make a living from writing fiction or nonfiction, and soon, there's no better place to start than by securing your own copy of, "Fast & Furious 3: Mastering Amazon and Kindle". 

NB: If you fervently desire to be part of the growing band of Amazon bestselling authors, be sure to check out the first two books in this series! 

Keep Writing!

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