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Thursday, October 10, 2013

New book, music and film, free newsletter

Dear Fellow Writer,

I hope you're well and happy - and that you're writing!

You probably noticed I released another book on Amazon Kindle this week: "The Easy Way to Write a Novel That Sells".

That brings the total EWTW books on Amazon up to five so far!

The Easy Way to Write a Novel That Sells

I have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying the process of re-creating my courses and putting them out into the 'world.'

I especially wasn't expecting them all to do so well.

All of the books are in the top one hundred Kindle main chart - the Romance and the Novel books are currently at #1 - and on days I have 3 or 4 in the top 20 for the 'writing skills' chart!

I have another 20 courses that I'm planning to put up in the next few months. 


Who knows? 

Actually what I want to do is to finish my latest novel, "The Essene Heresy", which has taken a bit of a back seat while I'm re-writing and editing the courses.

Apologies if you're following the story - which was intended to come out weekly - but seems to have slipped to bi-weekly.

These things happen.

But the novel is mostly plotted. I've been using Scrivener - which is probably the only writing software that I can say actually helps the book writing process. I've used lots of other software in the past but Scrivener is THE ONE as far as I'm now concerned!

You can download it for a free trial here: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/

You can use it for 30 non sequential days and then it costs around $40, depending on where in the world you are!

I highly recommend it for longer works.

In other news I've produced a new music video.

It's a rock song called "Never Say Goodbye" and is dedicated to my lovely wife Robyn, of course.

I had big plans for the video. I had story-boards drawn for all kinds of scenarios but again - because I've been so focused on Amazon since we got back from holiday - these had to be simplified.

Anyway, here's the current video version:

If you like the song (or any of my others) you can get some of them from Apple iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/rob-parnell/id627534447

Next year I'm planning on recording an album of new songs with a band. And perhaps play some gigs. That should be fun!

It's really just an opportunity to do something I've always wanted to do - to create a definitive 'record' of my songs before I get much older!

If the Rolling Stones can still record albums and play live - anyone can.

What else?

I'd hoped to be able to tell you that my movie, First Cut, was going to be playing at the Barossa Film Festival. It looked like it was all set to go but I haven't heard back from them - and the festival is only two weeks away. 

Fingers crossed. I'll let you know if that transpires too. 

So this newsletter was just a bit of a ramble. Apologies if you'd prefered some sort of writing instruction.

To be honest I'm a bit frazzled from all the work I'm doing at the moment.

Till next week.

Keep Writing!

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