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Thursday, July 12, 2012

How To Get Happy!

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Well. it's half way through the year and perhaps time to think about those resolutions you made on January first. 

How far along your path are you? How far into your writing goals for the year?

If you've let things slip because life is seeming to get in the way, it could be you need the advice in the article below!

Keep Writing!

Rob Parnell


How to Get Happy

Rob Parnell

Many writers and would be artists complain their lives get in the way of their aspirations. They say they would be happy if they had fewer duties and responsibilities - because then they could concentrate more time and energy into their creativity.

Much of this mindset is an illusion when you take time out to review how you spend your time - and take a good hard look at what motivates you.

Below are some simple instructions on how to change your life for the better. And get happy!

1. Do only what you want to do FIRST

Most people have a list of 'must do' things that fill their minds from the moment they wake in the morning. In the great scheme of 'getting ahead', most of these things are a waste of your time.

Do whatever makes you happy first.

This habit will, over time, send an important message to your subconscious. Not only that your happiness is more important than anyone's else's. But also that you really can - when you try - find the time to do what's important to you FIRST.

2. Take responsibility for your life

Stop whining about how bad things are and how many awful things you have to do and take a step back. Realize that you have the life you created. Everything in your life is a direct consequence of a decision you made in the past. If you're not happy now, it's probably because you made some lousy decisions in the past.

The way to get happy is to realize you can start to undo those decisions today.

Your destiny is not some nebulous construct in the clouds. It's a living thing that pulses through your veins every second of your life  - and you can tap into it right now.

Simply understand that you have all the power you need NOW and that you already posses all the skills to change anything and everything in your life. It may take time but you can do it - and make no mistake, you're the ONLY ONE who can change it.

3. Avoid bad energy

Certain things, people and activities bring you down. Make a list of them and then decide you will do everything in your power to avoid them. Either by delegating responsibility for them to someone else or simply not doing them.

If you imagine dire consequences might result from avoiding bad energy, analyze why - see what's really going on.

If certain people bring you down, get rid of them from your life.

If your job depresses you, change it.

If there's a whole bunch of things you hate doing, pay someone else to do them. Do what you're good at and you truly enjoy to raise the money to pay other people to do the things you don't enjoy.

This is Jack Canfield's philosophy - and it hasn't harmed him!

4. Shun negativity

There will always be people out there that say things can't be done.

Most of them call themselves your friends and family. Strangers are for some reason more generally upbeat.

Don't seek counsel from people who always advise against things.

Better still, don't ask for advice. If you want to do something, just do it, start, begin - and see where it takes you FIRST - before you start analyzing the consequences.

Stay out of the way of negativity - even the black side of your own brain.

Stay positive - and always tell yourself there's no reason why you should not succeed. This is one of the attributes of all successful people - they never question their abilities. So don't you!

5. Stop worrying

Worrying doesn't change anything - ever.

If you're a worrier by nature, spend the next 21 days listing the things you worry about. Review your list and realize that it's all wasted energy. And A LOT of wasted time.

Whenever you catch yourself dwelling on a perceived problem, stop and deliberately refocus your energy on something else. Focus on creating something new, whether it's a flower bed, a tidy drawer or a new novel. Take bad energy and make it good.

Twenty one days of repetitive behavior can change the habit of a lifetime. This is behavioral science fact. If you don't believe it, there's no hope for you!

6. Things are getting better all the time

The past is gone. In a sense it doesn't exist anymore. Your memory is all that keeps the past alive - and only to you. No-one else.

Get into the habit of refocusing your mind on the future - and a brighter future at that.

Live in a constant state of anticipation for the glorious future to come.

Tell yourself constantly that things are getting better all the time. And they will.

Look for clues, synchronicities and happy accidents. Prove to yourself that a positive mindset provides positive results.

For YOU, not just for others.

7. Put it all together

You'll be amazed at how quickly you can turn your life around when you first do what YOU want to do and realize that you are responsible for your own happiness.

Fact is, if you're not happy, you're choosing that too.

If you think there's something holding you back, it is. It's a something you've invented and rely upon to hold you back.

You can change everything about your life if you want to.

Here's something Dr Phil recommends in one of his books:

If you think your life is in a crappy place, spend a couple of hours writing it all down, every detail, every horrible aspect.

Then write down the solutions to everything.

Then let it all go. Realize that nothing is really that important.

Only your own sense of well being - peace and inner calm - is all that you really have. All else is vanity.

Be happy first. Deliberately. Make that happen.

And everything else - all the good stuff - will follow.

Keep writing!
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"If there is a secret to writing, I haven't found it yet. All I know is sit down, clear your mind, and hang in there."
Mary McGrory

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