Wednesday, July 11, 2012

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Popularity

Rob Parnell

Many of my subscribers email me to ask: How do I get more hits? How can I get more online friends and leads? How can I sell more of my stuff? How do I become more POPULAR!

Below is a quick rundown of the advice I usually give. Much of it assumes that you are already involved in social networking and have FB, Twitter, Linked In and Google+ accounts. If you don't already, register with them all - especially Google+ because, I recently read, Google apparently favors your articles and posts in their search results if you have a Google+ account linked to your Gmail address.

1. Be Funny

People don't so much surf as skim. They want to be grabbed quickly by your message - any message. The best way to get under someone's skin swiftly is to make them smile - or better still, LOL.

Post funny remarks to your social sites. Short one liners are enough. If you're not naturally funny, get a joke book or re-tweet other people's humorous comments. You don't need to add a linking URL - you might come across as a spammer if you do. If people like your comment, they'll click on your profile anyway - and your site URL will be there for them.

2. Be Profound

People also like clever quotes from famous people. Somehow you take on the mirrored-glory of those quotes when you post them. People are interested in the person who thought those quotes were profound - that is, you!

Post one liners from your best articles, make a list of clever things you've ever thought or said or copy and paste quotes from quote sites - there's loads of 'em out there.  

3. Ask Questions

People like to be involved. The best way to get on with people in the real world is to be more interested in them than yourself. People always rate a listener as friendlier than a talker. Same goes for the Net.

Stop boasting about what you have, what you've done and what you want to sell. Ask questions instead. Ask what people think. Run a survey. Collect feedback. Get involved and be appreciative of the people who answer your questions.

4. Help People

Nothing spreads word of mouth better than a good deed. A hundred people might buy your product or e-book - and tell no-one. Help one person with a problem and they'll tell at least a dozen people.

Be there for people. Answer emails and posts with courtesy, patience and kindness. Always take the blame for something that goes wrong - even if it's not your fault. People will love you for that.

5. Follow Everyone

Be enthusiastic and fun - and pro-active. Invite as many people as you can to your social sites. Acknowledge everyone, follow them back. Tell them you're a fan. Everyone wants to be loved - and everybody needs to feel important.

Be a giver first. Don't focus on what you have. Focus on what your correspondents need and want. Let all the other stuff take care of itself - as it will.

Most of all, take it easy, have fun, and then everything else - and everyone else - will follow!

Keep Writing!
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