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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Secrets of a Freelance Writer

It's taken me a long time to get this right: 97 video lectures, 128 pdf downloads, 8 ebooks, 11 exercises and activity sheets to help you make a lot of money as a writer. I wanted to get this course perfect for you.

Secrets of a Freelance Writer. Thousands of dollar value. All just $27 - for this weekend only.

Keep Writing!

Rob Parnell
Secrets of a Freelance Writer

Do You Sincerely Want To Be Wealthy?

Take my hand and I guarantee you can change your life.
Simply become a freelance writer and take charge of your
total freedom, independence, and your new found riches.

I want to fill you in on what I’ve been doing recently, on how I’ve been trying to come up with something to help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

My latest course, Secrets of a Freelance Writer is really my magnum opus, my swansong – the most epic achievement of my life up to this point! Okay, all that might sound a bit dramatic until you see for yourself the vast scope of this course – and understand how valuable this instruction will be to your profit making ability in the future.

Yes, if you want to be a successful freelance writer, a bestselling author or a any kind of wealthy wordsmith, this is the course you’ve been waiting for!

The course is arranged in the order that best ensures you’re going to get rich from taking my advice! All you have to do is find the time to watch the videos and read the text and download the PDF extras (which include fresh market listings) and voila, everything is done for you. Your success is assured. Just add writing – but that’s the bit you like, right?

What’s In the Course?

Discover why I am the right teacher for you. Indeed, I may be the ONLY writing teacher out there who has actually made a good living from writing. Most teachers either live in dusty classrooms teaching theory, or are so called ‘gurus’ who have no real world experience and yet spout even more theory from behind a blog or a flashy website. Not me, I’m the real deal. I’ve been making a living from freelance writing for over 25 years, online and offline – so I know how it’s done, how it works, and how to make a shed-load of money doing it.

Let me show you the best attributes to develop to make your new career a certainty. Talk to me about your problems within the course and let me help you gain the right mindset, attitude, and motivation. I’ll be candid and assist you as much as is humanly possible. Plus, I’ll be upfront about the money you can make, which is sometimes a lot more than you’d think!

The key to making freelance writing work is to create multiple streams of income, so that you’re getting a constant flow of money coming in from all kinds of writing work: magazine articles, travel writing, ghosting writing, editing jobs, writing fiction and nonfiction, getting published by the trade AND/OR self publishing certain things. The trick is to diversify and not rely totally on just one form of income. I’ll explain fully how that is done effectively at the beginning of the course.

Many new writers don’t fully appreciate how to run a lucrative business. Basically writing for a living is a business too – and you need to approach it like one. In one crucial set of videos I explain how to plan and strategize your success and use priorities and measurement of your activities to maximize your earning potential. Plus tips on how to reduce your taxes and properly manage your finances.

Writing success is about managing your activities – daily – and responding to feedback. My course ensures you don’t get caught in a rut and that you respond quickly to the demands that writing for a living will engender. Included are downloadable activity sheets that will help you identify the best paying jobs.

More than any other freelance business, you are a product of your own destiny when it comes to writing. You decide on what you want. You decide what you want to do with your time. You are the master of your universe – and you reap the rewards of true independence. During the course I explain how your mindset is your best friend, your best asset, and your key to true success. It’s what is in your heart that matters – and I explain why.

After this master class in self management I then go on introduce the concept of Practical Cash Creation. This detailed module explains the reality of writing for a living and what it means, how it can impact your life and those around you, how making money changes your life – and your partner’s – all for the good. There are more downloadable income to activity schedules and spreadsheets in these modules to help you chart your progress and track your journey to success.

Finally we reach the actual meat and potatoes of the course – actual money making activities explained in detail: how actual cash is generated from a myriad of sources. The information in these videos will literally blow you away. Never in one place have so many secrets been laid bare, especially about an industry normally shrouded in secrecy. Now it’s no longer necessary for you to learn the hard way – all by yourself and over a long period of time (years!) because I have done all that FOR YOU. All the information you need is here. All the right tips and tactics that work are ALL HERE. Just for you.

Writing for Magazines is traditionally seen as the freelancers main income source and the subject receives its full attention from me. The fact is, magazine articles may only make up a small part of your overall income but everything you learn about pitching for work will help sharpen your freelance writing skills. In this series of lectures I help you with Sample Query letters, assistance choosing topics that can’t fail to have an editor salivating and a market listing to die for.

Non Fiction Writing is covered in a series of SEVEN videos that show you how to construct sure-fire submissions to publishers on all kinds of books: science, fashion, history, whatever you like. You see the thing is that you don’t have to write entire books to get paid to write them. Better to pitch nonfiction ideas to publishers FIRST and then let them commission you to write them. This is how true professionals work – and I show you the exact method by which you can compete and win with ease. Again I include an up to the minute listing of nonfiction publishers who are desperate for new book ideas from you.

Writing Genre Fiction for big money is the dream of almost all new authors. But how is this achieved? Look no further. Over EIGHT info packed videos and FOUR full-length e-books, I explain how to write effective romance, thrillers, fantasy, horror, science fiction and cross-genre fiction for the modern marketplace, whether you’re targeting traditional publishers or you want to self publish on Amazon. This module alone is worth far more than the super low price I’m asking for this extraordinary course. You won’t believe what you get!

Writing for Children is another favorite choice among new authors who sense there is much money to be made from spinning short tales for kids. It is true that the children’s market is huge and lucrative but, do you really have what it takes to be a winner in this field? This special SEVEN part lecture series will put you on the right track. Compiled with the help of a multi-published children’s author, this section alone is super valuable to any writer’s career. Includes great instruction on technique and comprehensive market listing of children’s book publishers

Writing for the Corporate World has always been a great fallback for me. If ever there’s a market that’s always hungry, it’s the business world. But many people misunderstand how most companies go about attracting freelance writers... because mostly they don’t. We writers often have to make the first move. This section gives you the foolproof strategy I have always used to get business work. It’s quick, easy, and costs nothing – but the pay is out of this world! Learn the one trick I present in this eye-popping SIX part section and you’ll always be wealthy!

Travel Writing – the dream ticket. What could be more exotic and glamorous? Writing travel articles is a bit like being James Bond without the gun! But what do travel magazines really want? What do travel book publishers need? In this wonderful new section I give you the facts. Everything you need to know about writing compelling articles, plus advice on how to get holiday gigs, and how best to do research on location and take photos that will become your way into the big time! Includes a complete list of travel writing publishers and high paying magazine markets.

Becoming a Ghost Writer is about getting it all: money without the hassle of being a touring author. Honestly, if you’re looking for sure-fire income, there is never a shortage of people looking for ghost writers. And it’s incredibly well paid. Your biggest hurdle is finding the right kind of clients, by which I mean the PAYING ones. Only one in ten ghost writing clients want to pay you – even though they will lie and tell you they’ll pay you later, which they often won’t. This section is all about using business skills to attract paying clients, how to construct ghost writing contracts and how to do a great job quickly AND get paid UPFRONT.

Getting Rich as a Copywriter is an ambition like no other. As we speak it is possible to spend up to $2000 on a copywriting course ALONE. But here, within Secrets of a Freelance Writer, over EIGHT packed lectures, you get every piece of information on copywriting you’ll ever need. Don’t waste your money on hack copywriters who have to sell their overpriced courses to make their mortgage payments. Find out everything you need to know from me, a freelancer – and a nice guy - who has used advanced copywriting skills to build a million dollar empire over the last decade and a half. Get in the know – and quickly!

Self Publishing Online is now a necessary skill for all new writers. You simply can’t survive as a credible author these days without having an online presence and a means by which to sell you own books. Many traditional authors are making the switch to digital author simply because the royalties publishers pay are too low. Amazon pays 70% to 90%. Traditional publisher pay 10%. It’s easy to see why the majority of new authors now CHOOSE self publishing over the long and often disappointing slog of getting an agent then a literary deal where you’ll end up barely able to pay the rent and bills. Learn how to self publish online like a professional and watch the money come rolling in! What are you waiting for?

Offline Self-Publishing too is still a valid way of making cash quickly – if you know how to do it properly. There are many pitfalls to vanity publishing and you don’t want to do that. But if you’re a teacher, a coach, or a speaker then publishing your own book in a limited POD run to can be earning money you would normally be leaving on the table. In this four part section, let me show you the best advice for self publishing offline in this digital age. Includes downloadable resources.

Grants and Funding for Writers. Did you know there are individuals, government departments, and corporations who regularly give money to authors, writers and poets? Getting grants and funding can be a useful tool to helping your bank balance and your kudos rating but many artists struggle over where and how to begin with this minefield of possibilities. This special section takes the mystery out of getting grants and applying for art funding.

Helping Other Writers is one major key to getting wealthy as an author. As the number of wordsmiths taking themselves seriously these days, the larger the market grows for people who need help, help only YOU can give. You may not have considered this as a market before. You may not have thought yourself good enough. No matter. This unique look at cash creation shows you, over TEN fact filled lectures exactly how to make a great living simply helping other writers to succeed. And it’s easy to attract the work and keep getting gigs for as long as you like!

Self Promotion is necessary but need not be hard. Many writers don’t want to promote themselves and then are overwhelmed by all the possibilities, many of which are a waste of time. Let me show you the best ways to promote yourself – the ones that work – so you can save time and get on with what really matters: the writing. Over this extraordinary FIVE part section – the likes of which you’ve never seen – I’ll give you the lowdown on promotion tactics that make money and make sure you benefit from your new career.

In the Conclusion, we look at maintaining a freelance career, which is all about combing self belief and proper business practice with writing. The fact is you don’t need to be the best writer in the world to make a living as an author, a copywriter, a ghost writer or even a magazine article writer. Your enthusiasm and your dedication will take you a lot further than your talent. Freelance Writing is a dream job where you are rich, independent and FREE. Come join me. Let me show you how it’s done!
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The Easy Way to Write

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