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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Plotting Perfect Stories

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Duration: 2 hours approx
Delivery: PDF. Text based
Rob Parnell and The Writing Academy present:
When it comes to writing stories, once you have a good grasp of character creation, you can then move on to the tricky part: creating a great plot for your novel, short story or flash/fan fiction.
Plotting is fundamental to story. It can make or break the impact of your writing.
A plot is not merely a sequence of events - in the same way that a series of diary entries is not a story. A plot is something much more involved - it implies a coherence that goes way beyond a simple relating of 'story points'.
A good plot is a thing of beauty. It has symmetry and a solidity that goes far beyond what most writers even try to accomplish…
So what makes a good plot?
Here's your chance to find out in Rob Parnell's: Plotting Perfect Stories
Course includes:
Module One: Introduction
In which we examine the parameters of an effective plots and what makes them work. We also examine types of plots and how to create maximum engagement.
Module Two: Genesis of an Idea
In which we identify why plots fall apart and what we can do about it. Plot versus narrative, taking ideas and expanding on them using character, conflict and other writers' experience as anchor points.
Module Three: Development of the Framework
In which we examine story creation and the many different ways of outlining a template.
Module Four: Creating a Masterpiece
In which we learn about a complete fourteen question and answer session that reveals your plot to you almost automatically.
BONUS Item: The 7 Story Patterns
A unique look at how to create classic children's stories by J Moore with lots of examples to prove the author's point!
A good plot is an exploration of theme, character and observation - it is about creating a complete virtual world in which your thoughts and ideas are expressed with clarity and boldness.
Rob Parnell says: "I can confidently predict that after you study this course you will NEVER have problems plotting ever again!"

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