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Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Beginner's Guide to Success: What to do when you get there...

You've finally made your pile. 

People respect and admire you. 

You've got the cars, the house, the kids' education is taken care of, you're taking your holidays in all the best places and... what then?

Most people don't think past the 'getting'. 

They just assume their lives will be so fulfilled by being rich that it won't matter what they do with their time when they get there.

Common sense should tell you that it's not going to be like that. 

It's human nature to always want more. 

So what's the answer? Well, here's a rough guide to living life AFTER success!

1. Move On Up

You're gonna have to set bigger goals. 

Achieving what you want is good yes but, guess what, only for about 3 seconds. 

Life can only be fulfilling when you're in need of something - when you want something so much it pulls you out of bed every day.

2. Move On Out

You've got to take bigger risks. 

Ask anyone who stays rich and happy, they'll tell you, we all take risks with money - it's how we got rich in the first place, right? 

That buzz associated with risk is life enhancing. 

Some things work, some things don't. How will you know unless you try?

3. Give It Away

There's no point in hoarding all your money to yourself - or even saving it for your kids - they'll only end up like Paris Hilton, or worse. 

Give at least 10% of your money to people who need it, can use it well and deserve to be helped. 

It all comes back in different ways anyhow, so why not?

4. Bring It On

Educate yourself continuously. 

Find out new things and keep interested in everything - the news, politics, science, history, the arts, whatever gives you a kick and makes you excited and happy to be part of this great big beautiful world.

5. Feel the Burn

Become more creative. 

Stretch yourself into arts and crafts you've only ever dabbled in. 

Like films? Then make movies! 

Like music? Write songs and form a band! 

Enjoy traveling? Get a boat. 

Buy a club, start a new business every year - even if you don't want to work there! 

Employ others to help.

6. Play With Money

As often as you like, analyze your investments and savings and move things around to maximize your net worth. 

Regularly liquidate assets and invest in new things. 

Enjoy working with money and stay informed of opportunities.

7. Be Careful

Beware of fair-weather friends - and con men - lots will appear once the word gets out you've got money! 

Always investigate business and personal ventures thoroughly, using lawyers and the like to help you. 

I can only stress that you'll likely end up very sorry if you don't.

8. Have fun

Whether it's ballooning across the Sahara or just keeping in touch with friends - don't forget that you're here to have fun. 

And enjoy the simple things - the love of a good partner, playing with your children and keeping your mind and body healthy.

It's all too easy to imagine life at the top as glamorous but it's rarely what it seems to be. 

Best that you prepare now, before you get there, or the reality may come as a shock.

Plus, preparing for success will obviously help you condition yourself for it - and, I believe, better attract it!

Keep writing!

Rob Parnell
Creating Successful Writers The Easy Way to Write

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