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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Easy Way to Lose Weight and Stay Thin Forever

Dear Fellow Writer,

My new book, 99 cents NOW!

Today sees the launch of a brand new Amazon Kindle book from me, Rob Parnell.

Some may say it's a departure - although, since I first released the book around five years ago, it's probably the one I've been most often asked to re-release.

I was going to release it before Christmas initially - without editing a thing - but decided I'd take a quick look at it first.

Needless to say, I ended up completely rewriting the book and tripling the size of it in the process.

Much has happened as far as brain and cognitive research is concerned since I wrote the book and I felt I needed to include some of the newer findings to better place the subject matter in a modern context.

So, without further ado, I present my latest offering to you:

The Easy Way to Lose Weight and Stay Thin Forever

Today only: 99 CENTS.

(Or, outside of the US, the equivalent in your currency.)

Get it now - it's a total classic!

The Easy Way to Lose Weight -
and Stay Thin Forever!

Here's the book description:

At last, the final practical word on permanent weight-loss and staying thin for rest of your life.

Amazing weight-loss is easily achieved with no dieting or special foods, no exercise regimens, no pill-popping, no bizarre herb or chemical extracts, and definitely no surgery involved. 

To finally succeed in losing weight and staying thin, forever, all you need is your mind and a commitment to the 31-Day Program outlined in this book.

Best part: it's easy.

Just over a decade ago, the author was a self-described three hundred and sixty pound behemoth, struggling to lose weight, and determined to regain his long-lost dignity. 

A mere one year later, he had lost almost two thirds of his own body weight using the techniques outlined in "The Easy Way to Lose Weight and Stay Thin Forever."

What is his secret?

Rob Parnell, author of twenty #1 Amazon Kindle bestsellers, leads you on a unique exploration into the problem of weight-loss, ill-health, and obesity, and presents a stunning new solution to this modern-day epidemic. 

Interestingly, Rob's method was initially intuitive, based on experimentation, and confirmed by measuring the dramatic results happening to his own body.

It was only after he'd written the first draft of this manuscript and approached his doctor for advice that his GP pointed out that Rob's revolutionary techniques were actually a new take on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - a proven clinical and psychological tool that had never previously been applied specifically to the issue of permanent weight-loss.  

Until now.

Using a combination of proven self-help strategies, New Thought principles, and cutting-edge research into the structure of the mind and its complex relationship with our bodies, Rob manages to dispel the myth of dieting to lose weight - which doesn't work - and closes in on the true reason why the Western world has issues with weight control.

His conclusions will astound, entertain, and enlighten you.  

This eminently readable volume will take you on a journey: from the strain and ignominy of being a fat person to the joy and freedom of having a thin person's mindset.

Read the book, absorb its tenets, and take the 31-Day challenge, and you'll be well on the road to total control of your weight, a helpful and positive attitude toward food and eating, and ultimately, your newfound destiny.

If you've struggled with excess weight all your life, or even if you've just started getting heavier around the middle, buy this book today: it may change your life, forever.

Keep Writing!

Rob Parnell



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