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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Easy Way to Get Rich

Drum roll please - I have released a new Kindle book this morning. I don't know how but it's already started selling... perhaps because it's less than a dollar!

It's here: (Click on the picture to access.)

The Easy Way to Get Rich

If there's no picture click on this link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QK6E7GG

As with all my new books, this one is available to you, my dear subscriber, for just 99 cents (US) - but only for a short while.

Get in QUICK!

Keep writing! 


The Easy Way to Get Rich

I read the other day that two thirds of American workers qualify for food stamps and can't afford quality housing or healthcare. That's a pretty sad state of affairs.

The recent - and seemingly ongoing - crashes to the Western economy are biting hard. More people are poor these days than ever before. 

This situation has to stop. There has to be a better way.

Do you seriously want to be rich? 

Of course you do. Don't we all? But do you want to know the easiest and quickest way to achieve wealth and true prosperity? 

Discover how I went from homeless and living in a cave to owning a million-dollar company in just fifteen months. 

It's my contention that getting rich easily requires a wealth-creation mindset, that my new book, “The Easy Way To Get Rich” will teach you in just 21 days. 

Discover the “21 Keys to Lasting Prosperity”, right now, by downloading a copy of this new book for every twenty-first century aspiring millionaire.

Click here. 

In case you missed it, the ebook is just 99 cents for the next few hours.

You probably already know I'm author of 16 - yes, sixteen - Amazon Number One bestsellers in this past year alone. Humbly, I might suggest I think I 
know what I'm talking about when it comes to career success.

I can teach you how to get rich. Really.

Honestly, what I'm saying is that if you absorb "The Easy Way to Get Rich" philosophy and begin to act on its tenets, your prosperity is virtually guaranteed. 

“The Easy Way to Get Rich” is a wealth-creation blueprint like no other.

No tricks, gimmicks, nothing more to buy, nothing to sign up to, you just have to read the book and then let riches happen to you. 

In just 21 days, this definitive success manual will take you from zero to hero and beyond. 

I have to tell you that getting rich is not nearly as hard as you’d imagine. You just need the correct mindset, a plan that is personal to you, and a firm commitment to getting wealthy. That’s it. 

Sound too good to be true?

Get the book and find out the truth you may have been missing all your life. 

Abundance is your birthright. 

Claim yours, right now, this minute, and take advantage of the opportunity you have probably always dreamed of finding: to finally discover the formula for getting rich, easily, by just being yourself. 

Click on the link HERE to download this extraordinary new book. 

It might just change your life.

Keep Writing!

Rob Parnell



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