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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Make Your Writing Sparkle: Self-Editing for New Authors

Dear Fellow Writer,

Released today: Make Your Writing Sparkle: Self Editing for New Authors.

My wife, Robyn, and I, have co-written this new book for writers who aspire to be published. Our view is that there's a tangible difference between creative writing for pleasure and writing for publication. In this new Kindle book, we explain the difference.

Oh, and for the next 24 hours it's available to you for just 99 US cents! Click on the cover to find out more.

Rob and Robyn's new book

Keep writing!


Make Your Writing Sparkle

QUESTION: Do you know the single-most common reason for poor book sales and rejection from publishers?

ANSWER: That writers haven't taken the necessary care to properly edit their manuscripts.

Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

That, every day, thousands of potential bestselling authors throw away their chances of success over something so fundamental.

Robyn and I have joined forces to create a self-editing book that we believe every aspiring author will need.

If you've ever been told by publishers and/or literary agents that your manuscripts need editing (and you're not sure why), or if you're seeking the self-publishing success you feel you deserve, then "Make Your Writing Sparkle: Self Editing for New Authors" will be the component you absolutely must have - to take your work to the next level.

Let's face it, quality editing services are expensive.

Many new authors do not have the time, the money, nor even the inclination sometimes, to pay for editing.

And yet, without good editing, the average manuscript will be scrappy, underdeveloped, and most likely, not publishable.

You simply cannot afford to present less than perfect manuscripts to publishers and/or self-publishing sites like Amazon.

Be smart: learn how to self-edit your work.

The two of us have been in the writing business for most of our working lives.

Between us, we've had over two hundred (and counting) books and courses published all over the world, on-line and off-line.

Our websites and blogs are rated by Writer's Digest and other writing-industry experts as containing some of the best writing advice on the Net.

We give regular talks and host seminars on motivation, fiction-writing success and the realities of publishing.

Basically, when it comes to writing, we know what we're talking about!

But here's the kicker: Literary agents and publishers consistently tell us:

"99% of all the manuscripts we see from writers are not publishable." 


"Because 99% of writers don't bother to polish their work to a professional standard."

Why does acceptance and success remain so elusive for so many authors?

Simple: the majority of wannabe authors consistently destroy their own careers by submitting and self-publishing work that is not ready for the marketplace.

The fact is, if you don't produce good, well-edited, professional-looking work, you will always be part of the 99% of wannabes.

The following are some of the most important issues you must deal with when producing great work:

* Punctuation * Spelling * Grammar * Syntax * Clarity of Meaning * Readability * Style * Tense * Structure * Objectivity * Point of View * Show Don't Tell, and a host of other seemingly 'little' things that are literally separating you from your success.

To me, these so-called little things are so fundamental that, if you make mistakes in these areas, your manuscripts will never be considered worthy of publication.

Look, Robyn and I have tens of thousands of writers subscribed to our websites.

We have daily contact with authors and edit manuscripts on a continual basis.

Do you really think we would care so much about this issue if we didn't agree with the publishers and agents we deal with?

Because we too, know full well that 99% of new writers are sloppy and unprofessional when it comes to the basics.

Do we need to stress this to you again? We think so.

If you don't get the basics right, you will never get published and become successful, but, if you love your work enough to edit it properly, then you will be in the 1% that gets published. 

Too many writers make basic errors consistently throughout their manuscripts, and don't realize that this is the very reason they are constantly rejected, or that they go unappreciated by their readers.

Do the right thing for your writing: learn to self-edit with confidence by adding "Make Your Writing Sparkle: Self Editing for New Authors" to your e-book collection. 

Keep Writing!

Rob Parnell

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