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Thursday, June 13, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Luck

Dear Fellow Writer,
Today, I'm writing and uploading this newsletter on my tablet - really just to see whether it can be done!

A long time ago I wanted to write an ebook on how to run an online empire from an Internet cafe.

I never got around to it - one of those ideas you have on holiday that seems impractical once you get home.

I guess today, the ebook would have to be about how to run a business empire from a mobile phone! Because, with the ongoing state of technology, soon we won't even need a desk -or a proper computer.

Everything could be done via voice command through a pair of shades to remote servers via wifi.

Actual writing could become a thing of the past - eventually. Scary thought.

Bill Gates once said that we won't really appreciate the power of computers until we don't see them anymore... and I think he may be right.

Keep Writing!

Your Success is My Concern

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Luck

Rob Parnell
Following on from last week's 5 Easy Ways topic, I thought this week we should look at luck - old Lady Fortune, or Providence.

There's no doubt that some people are luckier than others. Or at least they appear to be.

But what's going on here?

One thing is certain. Luck has got nothing to do with being optimistic.

According to top insurance companies, people who blindly believe that things will always go their way tend to be the unluckiest!

So what is the secret?

How do you improve your luck in this world?

Below are five rules based on a wealth of business success material and recent psychological data.

1. Make Yourself Known

In previous times this meant simple networking - being out and about and meeting people, lots of them. Nowadays it means having an effective web presence - and usually a high Google ranking.

The rule is that the more people you know the more accidental things can happen to you. Most successful people can track back a piece of monumental good luck to a chance meeting.

The trick here is not to be ruthless or pushy about your meeting and greeting. It's better just to make friends. Don't always be a salesman, or a guru, or a self centered bore.

Be a nice person, make people happy - and they'll remember you. But constantly try to promote yourself and people will want to avoid you. 

2. Trust Your Intuition

There's that little voice inside your head for a reason.

Your conscious mind doesn't have the power to assimilate all the facts about an given situation or opportunity.

That's what the subconscious is for. Trouble is, the subconscious has a difficult time effecting your judgment. It does it through your gut.

Your instincts, no matter how much they fly in the face of reason, are always trying to warn you of imminent dangers and point you towards the good stuff.

Lucky people follow their hearts. The cautious tend to push their luck away through over-analysis and rationalization.

It's okay to let go sometimes - and trust your intuition.

3. Be Brave, Be Stupid

Have the courage to change course every now and then.

The path to success is not straight and narrow. It's a long and winding road.

Fortune favors the brave should be your motto. Because it does.

It's about not taking life too seriously - and not always plumping for security over chance.

You should strive to do what makes you happy, gives you a buzz and puts you in touch with your true purpose.

Be adventurous - and don't be afraid of failing spectacularly.

Have the courage to know that at least you tried and didn't regret never having a go.

4. Stick to What Works

Don't let yourself get stuck in a rut. Learn to be more flexible.

If you narrow down your options, you'll make it hard for people to offer their help - or know how to deal with you.

Specialize too soon and you might be backing a loser.

Jump at opportunities, try lots of things but learn to get out quick when something's not working.

Lucky people know when to quit and admit defeat. Lucky people are ready when the next idea needs developing.

Be smart. Stick with what's working for you. Build on your success.

But don't keep whipping that dead horse!

5. Imagine The Worst

Far from being Pollyanna, lucky people have a firm grip on reality.

They know that luck is fickle and unreliable. While they may be superstitious and irrational about their good fortune, they know that bad luck is just as likely as good.

Apparently lucky people see things from all the angles. They have a fall back plan for when the luck runs dry.

Understand that you can't control everything - and that probability says sometimes the luck will be on your side - but it's not guaranteed to last.

It's okay to be pessimistic, foolish not to be sometimes. But don't let the downside rule you - just be aware that it can happen.

Know that while it's potentially dangerous to rely on good luck, it would be irrational to never expect it to happen.

Luck is always out there waiting for you.

You just need to be ready when it comes along.

As it will.

Keep Writing!
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"Possessed by an idea, you find it expressed everywhere, you even smell it." Thomas Mann

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