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The Cosmic Ordering Service

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The Cosmic Ordering Service

Rob Parnell

"Take it easy, have fun, and everything else will follow."

That's the advice of Barbel Mohr in her new book, The Cosmic Ordering Service, which I couldn't help picking up to read recently. It's actually barely a book at 100 pages - and is more a collection of notes about her philosophy on life - and the inherent simplicity of it.

It's a fun read, mainly because it takes the same premise as The Secret, and simplifies the idea even more.

Listen Up. When you want something, you really only need to place your order with the universe - and then forget about it.

Barbel says that rather than focusing on the order and wondering whether it will arrive - or placing the order several times a day - you must learn to trust the universe and 'know' that your needs and desires will be catered for automatically, as long as you take it easy, relax, and make time to smell the roses...

Understandably, she says this is a hard concept to grasp to the more logical and cynical amongst us - but she says that once she took the idea of completely letting go on board then all kinds of wonderful things started to happen to her - she literally received everything she wished for.

Lovely idea - no wonder it's becoming a bestseller in the UK.

I like the notion that any kind of stress is negative energy - and will therefore block the good things coming to us.

To Barbel, negative energy explains why most people don't get what they want. They're too focused on all the bad things that might happen, or the petty little annoyances of their daily lives, to really understand that the universe is benevolent and only wants what's best for us - and that we can harness the endless creativity of the world if only we realize we don't have to struggle and fight for everything we want.

Quite the contrary, working hard for something will always have the result of pushing it away - because it's the work that the universe thinks we want, rather than that which we desire.

You get what you focus on.

Robyn and I have lived by this credo since we met.

When you focus on how hard life is and how difficult things and people can be, you get more of the same - because the universe thinks that's how you like to live.

Simply remove all the bad influences in your life. Barbel even recommends leaving your job - if you're not totally happy there - even if your whole life seems dependent upon it to support you and your family.

Lose contact with your negative friends. Reject those family members with destructive attitudes. Do only what makes you happy and fulfills you - and more good things will start to line up in front of you.

This is not quite so air headed as it sounds.

Even the great scientist and thinker, Buckminster Fuller, was forced to acknowledge a similar philosophy. He said he noticed that throughout his life, he'd often felt compelled to work at jobs he hated because he felt he was doing the right thing for his family.

But, whenever he stopped working 9 to 5 and concentrated on doing only what he felt he needed to do for his own sanity (in his case, scientific research), then good things began to happen, as he put it, just by happenstance, and just in the nick of time.

Buckminster was forced to conclude that there really was some mysterious underlying force that kicked in when people are happy and fulfilled by their work.

Robyn and I can attest that this philosophy works.

We believe it's got a lot to do with jacking in the day job and doing your own thing - probably the most unnecessarily terrifying idea that most people in this world want to face.

For all the wrong reasons.

Because the moment you take responsibility for own your life and can orchestrate your days so that only good influences are allowed into your personal energy space, then your whole outlook begins to change.

Indeed, the universe's positive benevolence really does then seem to kick in - and start working for you instead of against you.

New possibilities become not only endless but curiously realistic and doable. Things that seemed impossible suddenly become natural and logical extensions of our abilities.

Fear dissolves into the shadowy figment it always was.

Money just seems to appear out of nowhere.

Luck starts teeming around you like golden rain.

You feel content - which allows you to relax and think clearly.

You're miraculously full of good ideas that are beneficial to yourself and others - and you experience the joy that comes from having clarity of purpose.

And then the peace that comes from your newfound sense of destiny fills you with a certainty that everything is fine and dandy...

And you finally realize that this is exactly how life is supposed to be.

Easy, stress-free, and fun.

The catch?

It's not a catch really.

Because all you have to do is believe.

But the best part? The more you let go, the more the universe helps you to believe - by placing more and more happy coincidences in your path, until one day you're forced to admit there's no chance involved in good fortune.

It's the natural order of things.

In fact, it's your birthright.

All you have to do is KNOW IT.

Keep writing!

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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."
Albert Einstein

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