Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Easy Way to Write - Survey Results

Dear Fellow Writer,

This week I've just updated my novel description on Amazon:

PSI Kids: Willow

I read somewhere recently that having a longer blurb on your Amazon book page can help.

The rationale is that more words means more 'keywords' that help Amazon's algorithm robots place your book alongside others that are in the same genre (and are already selling well).

Plus, of course, the longer the blurb, the more chance people may feel compelled to read your book!

Crime Fiction

The Easy Way to Write: Survey Results

Rob Parnell
Running a survey is always an interesting exercise.

I don't do them very often. I think I've done three in the last ten years. I guess it's easier to bury your head in the sand sometimes than find out what's really going on!

The first question was "Do you think the Easy Way to Write is a good resource for writers?" Here's the response:


I think that's a resounding vote of confidence - there again I don't suppose people who didn't like the site would answer the survey!

The second question was "Do you think Rob Parnell is a good teacher of writing?" Here's the response:


Not quite the guru status - but that's probably because 'guru' doesn't always have great connotations these days. People tend to associate the word with marketing types - and don't always mean it in a flattering way! So I'm happy with this result.

The third question was "How long have you been a subscriber to the Easy Way to Write?" Here's the response:


Great to see so many of you in there for the long haul! Thank you.

The fourth question was "How old are you?"


Interestingly I did this same survey about ten years ago and I had a lot more subscribers in the under 25 bracket. Students mainly.

Curious that the appeal is now to what they call the "baby boomers" - those with more time on their hands near to and after retirement.

My guess is that during the last ten years, the younger generation is far more distracted by social networking (which didn't really exist ten years ago) and tend not to focus on 'creativity' - which they probably equate with work! - as much as older folks.
I've tried all kinds of things to appeal to a younger audience - but as you can see I'm failing! Maybe I need more pictures on the site...

The final question is the one I really needed an answer to - because it would determine what I offered next. I have so many different courses, articles and resources on all kinds of writing endeavors that I sometimes feel I'm running out of topics.

(BTW, if you think I don't cover lots of topics - it's probably because you never look at the site! It's a common enough phenomenon these days when you're often judged by your day to day output and not always by your existing content!)

The fifth question was "What would you like the Easy Way to Write to focus on?"


As you can see, quite a bit of variation here. But at least it's given me plenty of 'food for thought' for upcoming courses and articles.

Finally, there were hundreds of comments left in the box supplied for that - something I wasn't expecting. The vast majority were positive with a sprinkling of (expected!) peeves. Here's a little sample:


Overall the survey gave me great insight into what I'm doing these days - and how I'm being received - so I thank you for that - and hope I can continue to inspire and inform as the years roll out.

Keep Writing!
 rob at home

"Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats." Howard Aiken
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